Living Fossils

Screenprints on paper, 22 x 30 inches each

Double-sided text, printed by Vide Press, edition of 60

2018 - 2019


In Living Fossils, precarious paper objects vaguely inspired by architectural models of the 20th century are paired with clay renderings of facsimile fossils. Each embody one of two modes of mediating one's surroundings, and each inhabits one of two temporalities. While architectural prototypes are, in a way, propositions for a future that remains (despite our efforts) unpredictable, virtual, and often disconnected from locality, shells and fossils are the relics of a synchronic affinity between living organisms and their immediate environment, formed over several millennia. How can we take example from these mollusks who build their shells, little by little, to the rhythms of the tides, across deep time? How can we imagine the fossils and ruins of our own epoch, from a future perspective?


This series throws into relief the dissonant relationship between humanity and its fast-proliferating urban environments (and architectures of seclusion); meanwhile, the relationship between the soft animal and its self-generating shelter becomes a potent analogy through which urgent considerations of sustainability and (self) preservation may begin to take shape.